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Learning at Home

Each month we send home a Parents Learning Sheet so that parents are aware of the learning that is taking place in nursery.

These learning sheets outline the topics that are covered and ideas for parents to extend their children's learning.  Copies of the Learning Sheets are included below.



Each week after Halloween the children are given a pack of 5 books to share with their parents and family.  These books are part of our Getting Ready to Learn Programme which encourage families to spend some quality time with their children model reading and promoting listening and comprehension skills as well as talking and listening.  The packs are given out each Wednesday for five days and then returned on a Monday.  Each child is given a new pack each Wednesday.  if by chance you lose or damage a book in your pack the nursery will charge you £1 for each book that is damaged or missing.  Please put the packs in a safe place so that we can continue to share out the packs with all children.


After Christmas we will also be giving out Toy, Jigsaw and Art Packs for each child.  These packs are given out on a Friday and the child is encouraged to do the jigsaw or play a game or make a creative picture with a family member and bring it into nursery to share with their teachers and class.  All Art work will be displayed in the foyer for all parents and children to see.  Again we ask you take care of your special packs and should any pack be damaged or lost there will be a contribution paid to the nursery to replace the resources.